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We proudly distribute the highest quality nickel from Glencore.


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We supply high-purity copper anodes and wire ideal for electrolytic copper plating. Oxygen-free copper anodes dissolve easily in cyanide, pyrophosphate, and flourborate baths, while phosphorized copper anodes are required for acid copper solutions. One inch nuggets are the most common form of use in copper plating, but we are able to provide other sizes if necessary.

  • Phosphorized 1" x 1" Nuggets

  • Oxygen-Free 1" x 1" Nuggets​

  • Phosphorized 2" Balls

  • Oxygen-Free 2" Balls​

  • Soft Bare Wire

    • Gauges in ​stock: 12-14-16-18-20-22-24-26-28


zinc edit_edited.jpg

All of our zinc products are made from special high-purity grade zinc with a minimum zinc content of 99.99%.

  • Balls

  • Flattops

  • Bars (Length to Order)

  • Slabs


tin anodes_edited.jpg

All of our tin products are cast carefully to prevent the introduction of impurities. The minimum tin content in our products is 99.95%. Stars are most commonly used in plating, but the following are also available.

  • Stars-Length to Order

  • Ovals-Length to Order

  • Rectangles-Length to Order

  • Balls

  • Nuggets

  • D-Shape



We carry cadmium ball anodes made from special high-purity grade material with a minimum cadmium content of 99.95%. They are solid and clean, with no surface damage that would cause basket hangups.  

  • Balls

cadmium edit.jpg


We are able to provide high quality brass, an alloy made of copper and zinc, in multiple forms. We currently have available 80/20 and 70/30 brass products in the following forms. 

  • Nuggets (Various Sizes)

  • Balls

brass nuggets.jpg


Silver is widely used in industry and we are proud to distribute only the highest grade in the following forms.


  • Strip-Length to Order

  • Snowflake

  • Nuggets

  • Gum Drops

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